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Welcome to our Picture Gallery!

Fall Trial - 2022
DVG Judge Ralf Obschinsky
Helper - Jay Slocum

High in Trial - Jacquelin Slocum

Photos Compliments of Jackie DeMarco!

Summer Trial - 2022
SV Judge Ludger Vortkamp
Helper - Jay Slocum

Photos compliments of Peter Qi!

October 2021Training Seminar
with Dean Calderon

Photos Compliments of
Peter Qi
Thank You!

Fall Trial - 2021
USCA Judge Don Yelle

Summer Taining - 2021!!!

2021 Spring Training

Fall Trial - 2020
USCA Judge Don Yelle

Photos by Essjay Photo

Summer Training - 2020

Photos are compliments of:

Steven Maciejewski

Carolyn Nervo

Peter Qi

Alex DeFoucault

Fall Trial - 2019
SV Judge Heiko Grube

Thank you

Al Rinow & Peter Qi

for the Photos!!!

Fall Training - 2019

Spring Trial - 2019
SV Judge Ludger Vortkamp

Thank you Al Rinow & Peter Qi for the Photos!

Fall Trial - 2018
SV Judge Hans-Christian Boll

Spring Trial - 2018
USCA Judge Don Yelle

Spring Training - 2018

Fall Trial - 2017
SV Judge Ludger Vortkamp

We would like to thank all of you for your hard
work and dedication to the sport and our dogs.
A special moment to Kenneth Payne and "Baccus"!
Retirement is never easy on our working dogs.

Congratulations to all!
Carolyn Nervo

Spring Trial - 2017
FCI Judge Vic Wilms

Fall Trial - 2016
SV Judge Heiko Grube

Thank You, Al Rinow & Peter Qi, for the Photos!

Fall Training - 2016

Fun Training Day with SV Ludgar Vortkamp

Spring Trial - 2016

SV Judge Hermann Sch�mann

Thank you Al Rinow & Peter Qi for the Photos!

Spring Training - 2016

Photo compliments of Al Rinow & Peter Qi

New England Regional Conformation Show & Breed Survey - 2015

SV Judge & Koermeister Franz Kampenhuber

A Special Thank You to the Club!

After judging the New England Regional Conformation Show& Breed Survey& Club Trial 2015 at the Schutzhund Club of Buffalo, is it particularly important for me to say THANK YOU. I felt warmly welcomed since my arrival in the USA and you made my stay so pleasent. My first impression of your Schutzhund Club appeared to me just extraordinary and during my stay I could see that this impression came absolutely right. A lot of members of the club worked together as Team in harmony and inspired. That`s the reason why I am so impressed of the Schutzhund Club of Buffalo. You, dear Kenneth, and your Team of the Club did such a great job and from the starting of the event until my departure. I also want to thank Carloyn Nervo (Trail Secretary), Richard Smehlik (Tracking Layer) and Radek Zalezak (Schutzhund-Helper) for the great work. Don Yelle had done his international practical judgetraining absolutely perfect. 62 dogs where handled at this event, with patience and fair play and that is the major respect you can show a judge.
Kind Regards,
Franz Kampenhuber, Judge

Fall Trial 2015

SV Judge Franz Kampenhuber

Spring Trial 2015

SV Judge Ludger Vortkamp

Fall Trial 2014

SV Judge Heinz Kruse

Congratulations Angie Tennant & Fara

Spring Trial 2014

SV Judge Heinz Gerdes

Congratulations Angie Tennant & Fara
100 pts Protection! HIGH in TRIAL

Fall Trial 2013

SV Judge Hermann Sch�mann

Spring Trial 2013

SV Judge Heiko Grube

Thank You, Al Rinow, for the pictures!

Fall Trial 2012

SV Judge Heinz Kruse

Summer Trial 2012

SV Judge Ulrich Rottenberg

Fall Trial 2011

SV Judge Hermann Sch�mann

New England Regional
Conformation Show & Breed Survey, AD 2011

SV Judge Conformation, HGH & K�rmeister Wilfried Scheld

Fall Trial Obedience 2010

SV Judge Heinz Kruse


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Conformation Show & Breed Survey 2009

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